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Is an Erasmus+ project (09/2017-08/2020) in which six countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Portugal) create and research ‘Social Entrepreneurial’ lessons for elementary schools and teacher training programmes. Social Entrepreneurship Education aims to teach children skills, knowledge and an attitude that makes them able to improve their
lives. This includes entrepreneurship, learning about sustainable development goals (UN), responsibility, autonomy, creativity, curiosity, and taking the initiative. The project aim is to enshrine (Social) Entrepreneurship Education in a sustainable way in the teaching and blended learning programmes of the educational institutions of the six participating countries: as part of the
education and training of primary school teachers at universities and in the partnering primary schools.


Six existing Challenges of the Youth Start Entrepreneurial Challenges Programme for primary school levels were further developed, modified, and adapted in four countries (Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, and Hungary).
For the 3rd class
• A1 Idea Challenge: Creating Value
• A1 Empathy Challenge: My feelings, your feelings: Giraffe Language
• A1 Storytelling Challenge: Creative Writing
For the 4th class
• A1 Idea Challenge: Get your Ideas Moving Forward!
• A1 Be A YES Challenge: Concentrate on the things, which are good for you!
• A1 Trash Value Challenge: Recycling adds Value – New Creations from the Rubbish Bin Two new Challenges were created and translated into seven languages (German, English, Finish, Danish, Dutch, Portuguese, and Hungarian):

For the 3rd class
• A1 My Community Challenge: Solving Problems Together (= The WILMA inventors’ workshop)
For the 4th class
• A1 Lemonade Stand Challenge: Selling is Fun! (= Market Day)

Video clips explaining the eight Challenges were created and translated into the six project languages and English.
All of the 23 Youth Start video clips explaining the Activate & Concentrate exercises were translated into the six project languages.
All of the eight Youth Start video clips on Mindfulness were translated into the six project languages.

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