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Octoskills is an application for mobile and the web for teachers and practitioners who aims to evaluate student’s entrepreneurial skills and it was developed by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship based on the EU-funded ASTEE project.

The tool is used in primary, secondary and tertiary education to assess students’ self-efficacy and entrepreneurial attitudes and intentions focusing on school engagement, educational motivation, and development of relations with teachers and classmates.

Mainly addressing teachers and students at primary, secondary and tertiary educational level, Octoskills aims at creating a tool for assessing the impact of entrepreneurship education and helps measure how students develop confidence in their own entrepreneurial skills while measuring the impact of different teachers and different teaching methods.

The learner is tested before, during and after he or she has participated in entrepreneurship education. Besides the learner-oriented test, the OctoSkills tool contains a part dedicated to trainers and teachers who can measure the impact on the learner’s entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and attitudes.


By using the OctoSkills tool, student’s entrepreneurial competences are assessed in seven dimensions: 1) Coping with uncertainty; 2) Financial and economic literacy; 3) Creativity; 4) Planning: the ability to plan in order to achieve a goal; 5) Mobilising resources; 6) Teamwork: the ability to work with others and solve problems through a concerted effort; 7) Self-awareness of own entrepreneurial competences.

Compared to the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework (EntrComp), OctoSkills has many similarities and overlapping competence descriptions. All three competence areas of the EntreComp model are covered, but the number of competences has been reduced for several reasons. One reason is that simplicity works better in a survey-based assessment tool. Another reason is that the competence description used for OctoSkills needs to be understandable for students ranging from primary school to tertiary education.

For more details, turn to page 89 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox