Migrant Talent Garden

Migrant Talent Garden

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Migrant Talent Garden (MTG) is a project created to reduce unemployment and boost entrepreneurship amongst migrants, improving their social and economic integration. In order to achieve these goals business incubators will appear in Lithuania, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Latvia. This paper aims to describe how the aforementioned ideas will be realized in real life.
In this paper, integration is understood as a process involving migrants, institutions and local people of the receiving country, all of which are interrelated on legal, economic and social-cultural dimensions. A successful implementation of one of the dimensions is closely related to a successful development of the others. For this reason, the MTG project, mainly focusing on the economic dimension, will pay particular importance to both the social and legal dimensions of migrant life in a new country.
MTG is funded by EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment and exercised by seven partner organisations.


There are two main chapters of this paper:
1) qualitative and quantitative research (the empirical data), and

2) guidelines for project implementation. The qualitative and quantitative research consists of four steps: i) a good practice analysis, ii) study visits, iii) a survey, and iv) interviews.

The guidelines for project implementation consist of several phases: selection, training programme, hub, networking, online platform and communication.

For more details, turn to page 96 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox