Migrant Entrepreneurship Project

Migrant Entrepreneurship Project

  • Non-formal education
  • EntreComp goal: Implement
  • Public and private institutions
  • me-project.org


A systemic approach to increase self-employment among migrants by entrepreneurial training and follow up. Methods and tools for successful training and follow up activities, including how to motivate and build self-confidence for entrepreneurship.


The project developed a curriculum tailored for entrepreneurship and language training for migrants. Supported with new training methods as well as an online platform, allowing for an exchange between tutors, trainers and participants and includes training modules so that tutors and trainers can develop their methods online. Also a customized “Digital business simulator “ is offered tailored for migrants to score their idea. This tool is helpful for both the migrant and tutors, trainers and other person supporting the development of the migrant’s business idea. The methodology involves aspects of traditional and creative formal education methods as well as informal education methods. The experience will be summarized in a “best practice handbook”.

For more details, turn to page 14 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox