Leadership in Small States

Leadership in Small States

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The main objective of this strategic partnership is to train students of small states with skills to take on leadership roles at home and abroad. The consortium builds on a long-standing partnership between the participating institutions in developing small state studies as an academic discipline. The project is lead by the Centre for Small State Studies at the University of Iceland in close collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Tallinn University of Technology, Vilnius University, the University of Ljubljana and Lund University.


The project develops a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in “Small State Leadership” hosted on the edX platform.
The project covers:
• Five Intensive Study Programmes or leadership schools focused on small state leadership.
• MOOC to be submitted to the edX platform at the end of the project.

The methodology applied in the project is based on elaborative consultation and communication between the partners.

Partners jointly developed the concept of this project and its intended outputs based on the importance of leadership training in small states, not least because of the high-level of personalism in small states. The consortium will host five intensive study programmes, leadership schools, where the theme of each school is based on the hosting institutions respective field of expertise. Each leadership school will serve as the basis for a module in the MOOC that the consortium will deliver at the end of the project. Hosting institutions will take the lead in creating the module based on their leadership schools.

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