Intro 4.0

Intro 4.0

  • Adult education
  • EntreComp goal: Create value
  • Public and private institutions


We live in a special time when the 4th industrial revolution is an ongoing process. People are in overloaded by information and not possible to read all newspapers, follow news, web info, etc., Moreover, for media, the 4th industrial revolution is not the main topic for the evening news in media As a result people in our societies roughly now what the 4th industrial revolution is. Also there is a lack of people with technical skills on the labor market – a combination of lack of interest for technical education and at the same time a growing demand for technically educated people could be a devastating impact on the industry within the EU. Employees, employers, young adults as well as VET/UNI students do not have enough information, there is not enough communication, support and political influence to solve this situation.


The project is meant to spread information and innovation, which delivers Industry 4.0. The specific content – knowledge base – comes from deep researches and analysis (legislature, web, educational systems) and surveys (adults, employers, employees). The knowledge base is presented as a online knowledge platform.

The platform is a valuable tool for spreading information among the target groups. A plethora of new information gives the target groups a better chance to find a job, motivation for further studies, etc. The platform can be an inspiration for employees of manufacturing companies who can find there useful information that can help them to implement innovative elements in their companies. The knowledgebase can be also used by – VET schools and Universities.

For more details, turn to page 13 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox