Ecological Vegetable Gardening

Ecological Vegetable Gardening

  • Non-formal education (VET, youth and adult learning)
  • EntreComp goal: Implement
  • Public


To improve the (pre-) qualification of long-term unemployed people (including those with disabilities) who have similar existing educational background in the field of gardening, seeds and crop fields and would like further to extend it.

A new occupational profile of “Eco-vegetable gardening worker”, related curriculum, training modules and (pre-, post- and self) assessment mechanisms.

Guidelines for social entrepreneurship possibilities through which the people with disabilities could be self-employed or to startup their own business perspectives in the Eco-vegetable gardening area.

Supporting sustainable employment of the people with disabilities and to enable their transition from being passive members of society to active citizens on the labour market.


“Train the trainer” – Curriculum and training handbook on provision of ecological (organic) vegetable gardening training (ECVET based) for VET trainer/teachers.

For more details, turn to page 39 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox