Digital Seed

Digital Seed

  • Non-formal education
  • EntreComp goal: Implement
  • Public organistion


The Smart Entrepreneurial Education and training in Digital farming – SEED project aims at developing skills in agriculture by introducing a digital transformation in the profession.

One of the outputs of the project is the creation of “Joint Digital Farming Curriculum” that will be mapped on the EntreComp, used as a standalone EQF5 new profile in Digital Farming or as a modular and flexible VET course to update or integrate the existing ones.

To achieve this, the project aims at defining:

a qualification profile based on modular units of learning outcomes to create a new qualification or to review an already existing qualification;
a curriculum in digital farming;
an assessment of standards.


The project will facilitate the development of skills and competences to meet labour market needs and also become more flexible to anticipate future skills’ gaps.

The SEED project aims to:

increase the employability of young people, by
supporting the development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce, also thanks to transnational placement:
support the development of a joint VET qualification at the EU level;
promote work-based learning, supported by a mobility component.
The main target groups are learners, SMEs and VET authorities.

Learners will be involved through the VET centres involved in SEED and will participate in the theoretical course and in the practical experience.

For more details, turn to page 28 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox