The project responds to the need to rethink education and to encourage adults of all ages to use the educational opportunities that are to be found all around us in Europe.
Number of reports have showed that despite of many different efforts and projects the involvement of low-skilled and lowqualified persons who are in the strong need of improving, upgrading their skills is still low.

The focus shifts from the group to the individual, from the formal to more informal. This project, BABBAT is about designing better methods in the field of adult training created around fine tool called BoB aimed at the two main target groups, adult trainers and low skilled people.


The main outputs of the project:

1 – Adult 2 Adult – Training modulus and Textbook for adults’ trainers online.

2 – BABBAT 1 – How to Use BoB as a tool in adult training. Ttraining modulus and a textbook.

3 – BABBAT 2. – Recruiting low skilled adults into lifelong learning – Marketing and Motivation publication.

    For more details, turn to page 38 of the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox