Here you can find all the tools created for EntreComp360 project to support actors in all sectors of the lifelong learning system to enhance the development, validation and recognition of the entrepreneurship key competence across lifelong learning.


Case Studies

Practice Examples




  • 15 projects identified through further networking and research (e.g. Erasmus+ Shared Results Platform)
  • 10+ existing projects identified within the partner network


EntreCom4all is an Erasmus+ project aiming at developing and analysing an innovative pedagogy and assessment approach based on OER


The project is an attempt to develop education and training in adventure tourism that suits firms, employees and society while at the same time reorganising vocational studies and the studies of adult students to be in better accordance to the aims of life-long learning.


The project responds to the need to rethink education and to encourage adults of all ages to use the educational opportunities that are to be found all around us in Europe.

Ecological Vegetable Gardening

A new occupational profile of “Eco-vegetable gardening worker”, related curriculum, training modules and (pre-, post- and self) assessment mechanisms.

Improving Social Innovation Competencies of Sports Professionals through Increasing Quality of VET

A course curriculum addressing the challenges faced by sports managers delivering innovative products, services and processes.


Case Studies

  • good practice examples and case study methodology
  • how to use and implement EntreComp
  • partner driven content +participant driven content
  • built on the EntreComp into Action user guide 74 existing case studies added to the toolbox
  • 15 new case studies to be developed and added to the toolbox

Digital Seed

The Digital farming – SEED project aims at developing skills in agriculture by introducing a digital transformation in the profession.

Leadership in Small States

The main objective of this strategic partnership is to train students of small states with skills to take on leadership roles at home and abroad.

Intro 4.0

The project is meant to spread information and innovation, which delivers Industry 4.0.

Migrant Entrepreneurship Project

A systemic approach to increase self-employment among migrants by entrepreneurial training and follow up.

UKids (Youth start Social Entrepreneurship Programme for Kids)

A course curriculum addressing the challenges faced by sports managers delivering innovative products, services and processes.


Practice Examples

  • existing projects (e.g. identified and/or adapted from iLinc,,
  • New projects (e.g. identified from the Erasmus+ Shared Results Platform)
  • networks
  • 30+ practice examples to be added to the toolbox


Octoskills is an application for mobile and the web for teachers and practitioners who aims to evaluate student’s entrepreneurial skills.

Project coliving

Available and open platform on the project web page, with news, experience, methodology, videos and useful links.


A flexible learning pathway in line with the needs of Vocational Education and Training learners and other stakeholders related to Key Enabling Technologies.



  • relevant academic research and reports relevant to this area of work
  • 20+ reports and research documents to
    be added to the toolbox

Life Skills and Entrepreneurship: Educational Pathways

The article presents a work-related learning project in which different generations were engaged in research on sensobiographic memories of the territory.

PlaNET Social Enterprise 2.0

The main aim is to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people.

Migrant Talent Garden

Migrant Talent Garden (MTG) is a project created to reduce unemployment and boost entrepreneurship amongst migrants, improving their social and economic integration.