Partner meeting in Helsinki

In-person meetings have been few and far between for the EntreComp360 partners since we kicked-off our project in early 2020. While we are able to meet regularly online, getting a chance to meet face-to-face is always appreciated.

For two days in early March, partners travelled to Helsinki to discuss how the project is evolving, upcoming deadlines, two training course, and of course to plan our next steps. Hosted by Not A Bad Idea, our Finnish partner, partners from The University of IcelandBantani EducationThe Women’s Organisation and Innogate to Europe travelled to Finnish capital, Helsinki, to enjoy the fresh Baltic coast. Colleagues from Materahub and DARE Network also joined online to make this a hybrid event.

All partners have been busy working on various aspects of the project since we last had the chance to meet in Madrid. Topics on the agenda included discussions about the upcoming Guides. Three guides are currently at various stages of production and will cover diverse topics: EntreComp in Youthwork in non-formal learning, women’s entrepreneurship, how can Entrecomp support women’s entrepreneurship, and assessment and recognition in formal and non-formal learning in entrepreneurship education. We hope that by discussing a wide range of subjects, each of course related to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education, that the project can provide value to members of each group and encourage the use of EntreComp.

A key part of the EntreComp360 project is creating a ‘one-stop-shop’ for entrepreneurial competences, this is already underway with The EntreComp Community which continues to grow as new resources are added. Project resources continue to be uploaded, including the EntreComp360 Practice Toolbox. Partners discussed key case studies to highlight, and will continue working on a mapping activity to discover best practices.

The EntreComp Community will also host the project training courses, or MOOCS, which are in development. After training sessions provided by Bantani Education, The Women’s Organisation have gone full steam ahead as they prepare the content and design for their MOOC aimed at business advisors. The presentation of Module One sparked a lively discussion on improvements for the course and inspired the brainstorming of how the second MOOC will look. Stay tuned for more details about the Guides and MOOCs coming soon.

On the second day, we were also joined by local entrepreneurship experts who explained the situation in Finland. This was initiated by our host Jaana Seikkula-Leino, who shared the official policy for entrepreneurial education in Finland which has applications for all educational levels. Following this, Maisa Kananen presented Yes Network – an advocate for entrepreneurship education. Lauri Vaara presented TAT which supports Finnish schools aiming to reach all children across the country and help them to develop their entrepreneurial competences. This is conducted across three levels: entrepreneurship, working life and economy. The organisation is currently working with over 5000 teachers. Joonas Mikkiila introduced the Finnish Entrepreneurs organisation which has 115,000 member businesses and which supports entrepreneurial education in different ways providing teachers with new skills and networks to support pedagogy. The finla presentation came once again from Jaana, who shared the Skilloon project, a research-based platform that involves high quality content of entrepreneurial learning: assessment tools, concrete activities and a personal portfolio system for students.

Thank you to Jaana and Mirva for organising the meetings, and welcoming us to Finland. We look forward to the next in-person meeting in Brussels in June, and will see everyone online before then.