How to use EntreComp, the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework

EntreComp has been applied in different ways and has proved to be useful in helping projects and organisations to achieve a number of goals. These goals have been to:

mobilise interest in entrepreneurship and inspire action


create value by adapting the framework to specific contexts


appraise & assess levels of entrepreneurship competence


implement entrepreneurial ideas and projects


recognise entrepreneurship skills

EntreComp can be used by different actors, and is relevant to those interested and working in formal education, non-formal learning and inclusion activities as well as in organisations and
businesses of all sizes.

Influencing Privacy

If you are working in and influencing policy you may use EntreComp to:
– Develop a shared understanding and common language with all parties involved
– Inform policies linked to education, economic, employment or community development
– Define entrepreneurship impact indicators

Education & Training

If you are working in education and training you may use EntreComp to:
– Tailor entrepreneurial learning outcomes to a specific context
– Create new or enhance existing teaching and learning activities to develop entrepreneurial competences
– Design assessment of entrepreneurial learning

Unformal Education

If you are working with young people outside of formal education you may use EntreComp to:
– Design activities that provide practical entrepreneurial experiences
– Help young people understand how entrepreneurial they are
– Recognise your own entrepreneurial competences

Statrt-ups & Entrepreneurs

If you are working with start-ups and entrepreneurs, you may use EntreComp to:
– Understand how existing activities contribute to entrepreneurial competences
– Help entrepreneurs map their own entrepreneurial competences
– Design new training to support business creation or business growth mapped to EntreComp competences

Human Resources

If you are involved in recruiting and managing human resources you may use EntreComp to:
– Help define job-specific competency requirements
– Plan organisational learning and development strategies and activities
– Build entrepreneurial teams