EntreComp360 Newsletter

Dear EntreComp360 Community,

In 2020, you completed a survey to help us create a one-stop-shop for EntreComp. We would like to thank you for your invaluable contributions as we continue building the EntreComp community platform and the EntreComp360 tools and guides.

The 300+ survey responses have been evaluated to understand the needs of the EntreComp community, and we are now actively developing the learning platform and engagement channels that best support this community to develop, network, learn and share.

This email is about bringing you up to date with our work and sharing news and events taking place that are about or relevant to EntreComp and entrepreneurial learning. We include links for you to share your news and views back to us too.

More about the EntreComp Community Platform

Our goal is to create a community that will not only respond to your needs but will also involve you in the development. The platform is being generously supported by CDSM, the company behind the award-winning Thinqi learning management system – you can find out more about Thinqi in the link below.

With Thinqi behind us, as a community we will be able to build networks, profile projects and practices, share expertise and create online learning.

We will be sharing opportunities to hear more our plans and about CDSM/Thinqi via online focus groups during February and March, while the platform will be launched in Spring 2021. Watch this space!

Do you want to share your practices in future EntreComp guides?

The EntreComp360 practical guides are now in development – simple ‘how to’ guides on using EntreComp across specific areas. The first set of guides will focus on:

  1. Non formal learning and youth-work
  2. Assessment and recognition
  3. Projects targeting women

If you have a project that fits one of these areas, we would love more information! You can share a brief overview (of any tool, project or practice) via the survey. You can also use the link to share any other practice you have – we are always interested to see what the EntreComp community is up to.

Looking for online learning and networking activities?

Drawing from some of the EntreComp related projects that our EntreComp360 partners are involved in, here are a few upcoming online events, training courses and webinars that might be interesting.

Do you have activities or opportunities to share? Before the platform is online, please tell us at the link below and we will put into EntreComp-related social media channels.

  • EntreComp Europe webinar – ‘The Entrepreneurial Employee’ with Martin Lackeus, a webinar to share insights from the recent European Commission report – registration link here
  • EntreCompEdu Online Professional Development for Teachers (primary, secondary and VET) – a facilitated online course supporting teachers to develop the understanding and skills of how to best develop EntreComp competences through their own teaching. Apply for the last places here
  • YouCOOPE – MOOC for Cooperative Entrepreneurship In Education: Tools And Resources: this COSME funded projkevct has just launched an online MOOC, and you can register here
  • EntreCompEurope – join online country communities for ItalyBelgiumSpainTurkey and Moldova to stay in touch with national activities and network with others involved in entrepreneurial learning.

Get up to date on policy at European level

European Skills Agenda:  The European policy document that is likely to make most impact on the area of entrepreneurial learning in the coming months and years is the European Skills Agenda. Launched in mid 2020, the Skills Agenda includes 12 actions and includes a commitment to launch a European Action for Entrepreneurial Skills.’ See here for more information.Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027 (DEAP): A flagship action of the European Skills Agenda, this went through public consultation last year before launching. It outlines a set of actions to enhance the digital education ecosystem – building networks, updating DigComp and supporting digital skills and transformation at all levels of education and training. More information here.

European Pact for Skills – Another flagship commitment from the Skills Agenda, this is about developing cross-sectoral support and commitment to skills development. Organisations and partnerships across Europe can sign up to the pact and share their contributions to developing skills – you can sign the Charter and state your commitment here.

Stay in touch

Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest developments and for more information about the launch of the EntreComp platform.You can also join our Facebook or LinkedIn communities where we will post latest news about EntreComp360.