The EntreComp Community

The EntreComp Community is an entrepreneurial learning platform, think of it as your one-stop-shop for entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial competences, the EntreComp framework and more. The EntreComp Community was created and developed by a team of dedicated individuals looking to bring together various European projects working in entrepreneurship. Find out more about the key projects that bring content, resources and community building to The EntreComp Community learning platform.

EntreComp360 is a founding partner of the EntreComp Community, starting with the research and development to find out what entrepreneurial learners are looking for in a learning platform as well as collecting resources and case studies for the Library and developing on-site training programmes.

Community features


Access the digital library. Browse through documents, publications, multimedia content to find exactly what you need.


Join networks depending on your region or areas of interest, to discover practices and collaborate with other organisations around the globe.


Take your entrepreneurial learning to the next level by attending an event


Step-by-step learning to improve your entrepreneurial competences.