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ADVENT stands for Adventure tourism in vocational education and training. ADVENT is a three year project which began in September 2017 where partners developed and piloted innovative study modules, aimed at adventure tourism practitioners and employees, which will be available as open access resources at the end of the project. Cross-sectoral cooperation in vocational education and training of individuals already working in tourism was developed, while at the same time adapting existing programs taught in schools, increasing their availability to adult practitioners and making them more suitable to professional needs.


The project is an attempt to develop education and training in adventure tourism that suits firms, employees and society while at the same time re-organising vocational studies and the studies of adult students to be in better accordance to the aims of life-long learning. Itss methods and approach can be widely utilized in similar projects in different tourism sectors (e.g. accommodation and catering) and many other professions.

The validation of the model Web Portal has been done with a significant number of start-ups and pre-start-ups from the target groups with the ultimate goal of assessing the effectiveness of the EntreCom4ALL Web Portal in the learning scenarios established previously in each country and through the development of the Web Portal.

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